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Can be fun!

Urban Garden, tyre with plant, reuse plastic

It doesn't matter if you're just starting to recycle or you're a full-blown no plastic, no waste, completely living off the grid, composting, bike-riding champion!

You have to start somewhere.. join me on
the journey.

Get in touch - share ways to make beeing sustainable easy!

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Beeing Sustainable, Beeing Sustainable can be fun

Tips, ideas and thoughts shared by you!

Sally F. from Inala:

Getting your compost to look like dirt: sugar will power up the organisms

Response: Thanks for the tip Sally, I plan to do a video about composting.  I find it difficult to create dirt! 

Ben C. from Wellington Point:

Throw away the tea bag and make pots of tea. Less waste, no floaty bits on top from teabag residue, tea for the compost bin, it’s easy, and it tastes like a proper cup of tea.

Response: Thanks for the tip Ben!.  That sounds lovely.. you make me want a cup...

Robyn G. from Wynnum:

I have a compost bin under the sink in the kitchen. I keep a container next to it where we put all the paper from the house and then use that to line and layer the compost in the bin. Then when I add the compost to the bin outside it already has a lot of dry material in it which helps stop the compost from getting too wet.

Response: Great idea Robyn, I struggle with getting my compost looking like soil.. that might help me. Thank you! 

Penny P. from Fig Tree Pocket:

I picked up some solid shampoo and conditioner bars from Aldi recently for about $5 each which is great value.

Response: Thanks for the tip Penny, that really is great value. :)

Jonathan W. from Forrest Lake:

As bees are a theme for you can you dedicate a page to raising awareness about the dangers of neo-nicotinoid pesticides and the dangers they pose to bees and what people can do to help protect bees in our environment? 

Response: Definitely Jonathan! Next website upgrade.

Simon J. from Wynnum West:

When a bar of soap gets really small and it's easy to waste it. What you can do is put a small container (plastic or stainless steel) in the shower, and each little bit of soap you just add into the container. It helps to squish it in. Then when the container is full you leave it outside to dry, and viola! You have a new bar of soap.

Response: Hilarious idea Simon, especially the squishing part.. just make sure there's no hairs on the pieces! :o

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