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Where does our waste come from?

Everything we have comes from the earth. Whether it's our clothes, food, plastic, cars, crockery, road signs - all products are made from natural resources. I keep hearing about how we are such a consumerist and throw-away society - 

people buy clothing and wear it once...we're always trying to keep up with the Jones's and have the latest tech., Why?

Why are we so worried about what everyone thinks of us?  Why can't we just be ourselves and care for the planet without feeling like there is something wrong with that? or fear of being judged in a negative way somehow...


After finding out about where polystyrene comes from, I was surprised to learn it is a type of plastic. As shown below, plastic is made from fossil fuels.

Did you know polystyrene is recyclable? Get in touch with your local council they will tell you how.  It doesn't go in the yellow lid recycle bin. However why use it in the first place, especially for single use?

Why not have a chat with your local take away store about a more sustainable alternative to polystyrene or single use plastics?

Polystyrene, Food Packaging




The worst and the best invention ever!

(I can honestly say that. A friend of mine has two nephrostomy tubes - the plastic tubes and bags they attach to her - keeps her alive)


Think about how many items around your home are made of plastic, its just everywhere!

lifecycle of plastics

Made from oil, killing our oceans and the bas*ard just wont break down! But I guess with plastics being made from fossil fuels, that's another reason to try and live without them as much as possible.


Check out this website that has 100 Steps to a Plastic Free Life...I'm game if you are!

Where does plastic come from?

Palm Oil

What a disaster palm oil production is for the Orangutan!


They are losing their habitat at an increasing rate because we need ice cream! Surely businesses can make products without it?


They are classed as endangered and some critically endangered. 


Did you know Orangutans are one of our closest relatives, sharing 97% of our DNA? and some trees can only germinate when they have passed through the gut of an Orangutan? Fascinating!

palm oil, orangutan habitat, orangutan habitat destroyed
Nail Polish

Nail polish

Wiping out an entire species of animal & species of trees just doesn't seem worth getting my nails done!  


We need to find a way to live without palm oil so they can have their forest back!

products containing palm oil
palm oil scanner

Would you consider using this app on your phone? Products with palm oil don't go in the trolley!


Phew! thank goodness Milo passed the test.. don't know where I'd be without it when I need a chocolate hit..

Mobile phones

There seems to be a lot of "keeping up with the Jones's" when it comes to technology. 

It doesn't help when the tech companies make the new phones so pretty and shiny with the best new whatevers.

Am I buying it because I need those whatevers or because my friends have one?


Did you know your old phones can be recycled? Just drop them off at your local Telstra or Optus store.

what is a mobile phone made of, mobile phone


shoes, Op shop, Facebook giveaway

How many of these are we throwing away each year? 

If they're still in good nick why not give them to an Op shop for a second life?

An even easier option take a photo and upload to your local Facebook Giveaway page - people will just collect them from your door!! So easy...

One quick internet search tells me:

The most common materials for shoes are:

  • leathers - animal

  • textiles - fabric - animal, plant, mineral

  • synthetics - cleverly altering chemicals from the earth 

  • rubber - trees

  • foam - chemicals and water

  • plastic - oil, earth

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