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What are the benefits of joining a community group?

Skills I have developed being in an advocacy community group (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Training about how to talk to politicians

  • Learning to facilitate meetings

  • Learning how to grow the group and insights into group dynamics

  • Communication techniques

  • Learning how to run events - movie nights, nature walks, door knocks etc.

  • Confidence building

  • Learning from my mistakes and knowing that its ok if I stuff up!

If you don’t have the time or (for some other reason) don't want to join a community group, you can still help by making a monthly donation!

Community Group, join a community group

Being a website about sustainability I have listed mostly environmental advocacy community groups but you could join any group - wherever your heart, running, cooking!

Go here for a list of community groups in the resources section!

There are so many benefits to joining a community group. Here are a few:

  • Making friends - When you take a risk and put yourself out there you can be rewarded by meeting some of the most beautiful people and having amazing, fun and supportive friendships;

  • Meeting people - Some of the people I have met being in a community group are smart, interesting and fun and you can learn so much just from being around them;

  • There is power in numbers - this one is important for when you want to make a difference. Politicians and businesses listen when large groups advocate on important matters;

  • Meeting someone "special" - well you never know your luck, but you're definitely not getting lucky by sitting on the couch watching Netflix and not putting your self out there!

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