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Other ways to be sustainable at home

If you search the net you can find a million ways to be sustainable around the house.

I will share a few that I do and some other useful info.

If you want a quick link - check out this 100+ Simple Tips and if you have any great

ideas to help stop using aluminium foil please let me know at the Get in touch section below!

Reusable Shopping Bag
Start questioning everything you do!

  • Why do I need a straw? Can I just drink this from the glass?, yes, perfect! No, well what about using a recyclable straw?

  • Can this item be recycled or is it made from recycled products? No, ask do I need this product?  No, don't buy it!


Yes, write/email the company (click here for a template), or write something on their Facebook page and ask them to use packaging that has been made from recycled materials and/or make the packaging recyclable.

Refreshing Drinks, no straws
  • Do I really need cling wrap? Can I store the food in a container or use other things like bees wax wraps?

  • Is it ok if my home smells like a fish and chip shop because cleaning with vinegar is more eco-friendly?

Yes it's ok...vinegar is a great cleaner however, if you are doing a Covid-19 clean or someone has had gastro., I would use a disinfectant! PS, you can't clean everything with vinegar - see list here


One of the biggest emitters of pollution!

Its time to get the old treddly (bike) out and ride to work, catch public transport (yes you don't have to interact with people, you can just look at your phone like everyone else), walk or buy an electric vehicle. 

emissions from different modes of transport

Get creative around the house

best plant milk, oat milk, rice milk, soy milk, almond milk, cows milk

I have managed to replace milk mostly with barista style oat milk. I think it's less bitter than normal oat milk so it's been easier to change over. I found out recently using the non barista versions burns the milk and may make the coffee/tea taste gross.  Please share any cool tips at the Get in Touch section below.

When shopping I use reusable vegetable bags and then store the food in large storage containers to keep fresh in the fridge.

reusable shopping bag
storage containers instead of plastic bags
compost bin

Why is composting good?

Because I'm not a natural green thumb I find composting a challenge - so I will need to get help from a friend.


What I have found out though is composting keeps vegetable matter out of landfills. When vegetable matter decays in an airless environment at the tip, it creates methane gas. A more potent (x10) greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.


Therefore, composting helps minimise landfills' contribution to climate change.

Make your own toothpaste

Make your own


(Check with your dentist first)

Is it better to use bamboo cutlery or your own from home?

no plastic or bamboo utensils needed

Now that plastic cutlery is gone instead of getting a bamboo set why not just grab a set out of your cutlery draw!


Another recycling hack could be to reuse rubber bands and reuse envelopes. Put the cutlery in the envelope and close it up with the rubber band. After they get used they go back in the envelope securely with the rubber band not getting anything dirty until you can wash them at home.

eco floss, natural floss, compostable floss

I get this adorable floss from Biome that I can use and put in with the compost. You can purchase refills that come in a box that can be recycled.

So cute!

bread bag, no plastic bread bag

Different colour bag for different types of bread. 

good sturdy buckle on the bread bag

Good sturdy buckle

Onya makes these awesome re-usable bread bags. I have a bakery who puts the bread in a paper bag (they won't put it directly into these bags) and then I transfer them easily into the bags.  I either re-use the paper bag for lunches or seed drying and then put them in the recycle bin. Another step in reducing plastic waste.

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