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Business Sustainability

 On this page we look at:
  • Why is business sustainability so important?
  • Office sustainability - where can you save the most amount of money?
  • Other sustainable ideas for businesses and,
  • How to get staff on board

If you have any great sustainability tips for businesses please let me know at the Get in Touch section at the bottom
of the page.
sustainable office

Why is business sustainability so important?

It's unfortunate, but there are a lot of businesses who are more interested in how much profit they make and not being socially responsible or taking responsibility for the role they have in creating emissions contributing to climate damage. 

However it's businesses and governments that are the the key to creating a safe future for our kids and planet.

If all businesses focused on investing in a circular economy, imagine the amount of waste and natural resources we could save. Click here for the meaning of circular economy.

paper bag, reyclable bag

Imagine if all levels of government had contracts whereby all procurement had to be with a business who's products were made from recycled materials and Australian made.

It would be great if new industries emerge where majority of our waste is re-used,  repurposed or recycled into another product.  Industries where everything they make is from recycled materials.


Do you want that too?  How can we make that happen?  Let me know any ideas you have at the contact section below.

Being sustainable around the office will save you $$

Electricity is a major cost for businesses.  

A lot of people see the advantage of installing solar panels.

Office energy breakdown, energy consumption in an office

Here are a few ways to save money by being sustainable, but for a more comprehensive (not exhaustive) list, check out this easy tick and flick  guide!

  • monitor electricity bills and investigate spikes;

  • make sure air conditioners are running at the most economical temperature, including settings for timers;

  • turn all lights off that are not needed, including over night and on weekends; 

  • switch all computers and other appliances off overnight and on weekends;

  • send all correspondence via email;

  • if you must print, print double sided and

  • check for water leaks.​

Other sustainable ideas for businesses


Check this out and start saving money now!

How do I get staff on board?

Sometimes staff and managers don't see the value of being sustainable. Some ideas to remedy the situation are:

  • Training - include sustainability in inductions 

  • staff rewards and competitions 

  • education

  • fostering better cultures, i.e. being sustainable becomes the norm, its like changing your underwear, you don't think about it - you just do it!

  • include sustainable practices like turning off your computer and printer at the end of the day in Duty/Task Lists and,

  • depending on business finances, buy staff a bike or electric scooter to get around on.


   Make it easy for staff by separating bins and have notices above that clearly identify what is to go in them.

sign please turn off the lights/AC & lock the door when leaving
Electric Scooter
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