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Letters, Emails, Messages sent
to businesses

If I looove a product and hope to continue using it, I will send the company a letter asking if they have any plans to be more environmentally friendly. Businesses will change the way they do things if enough people ask them too! (or shame them into it)  See below for recent letters/emails I have sent and any responses received. Feel free to cut and paste the information in any of the letters/emails I send to use for yourself.  Most of the messages I send companies these days is email directly on their website.

Message sent to Nestle regarding changing individual sachets for cappuccino drinks - I had issues sending the letter via the website to I sent it over Facebook.

Nestlé's Response: We're currently exploring alternative materials and it is our ambition to make all of our packaging recyclable or re-usable by 2025. We’ll take your feedback on board as we continue to develop new environmentally minded packaging for our products.

Email sent to KFC to buy free range chicken (I don't eat chicken just feel sorry for the chooks) -To whom it may concern. When I was a meat eater I never ate KFC products due to the fact that the chickens are not free range. I have family members that still choose to eat your products so I was wondering if you intend to purchase chickens from companies that raise free range chickens at any state in the future?  Its massive franchises like yours that can influence chicken farming companies to do better and given chickens a decent life before they are killed.

No Response so far

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